Just the Three of Us

The three older kids have gone to stay with their Dad for what is currently an undetermined length of time and I’m officially at the point of starting to miss them. It’s been awhile since they got to go to their Dad’s and they longest they’ve stayed before is about 4 days. Today marks their first whole week there.

They keep calling me day after day bugging me about staying for this many weeks longer or this many days longer, and I keep telling them that when I want them to come home, I’ll tell them. Honestly, I’m still at the point of enjoying this break – it’s not very often a mom gets to take any sort of vacation and this is the longest I’ve only been with one kid in a very long time.

So for the past week, I’ve spent every waking moment of every day with my man and my baby, The Boyfriend and Carter. I figure it’s the perfect place to start those introductions I was talking about in my last post.

Mommy, Daddy and Carter

Mommy, Daddy and Carter

The Boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years and have known each other for about 10. We met through my ex, Alfie, also the Dad of the older three kids. The Boyfriend and I didn’t experience any attraction or interest at all in each other until after Alfie and I had already separated and then suddenly wham! We were on the couch holding hands.

The first four months of our relationship was a complicated time and we are both surprised, to this day, that we survived the beginning. The Boyfriend was very patient with me and my situation at that time, and we made it through that rocky beginning and now, 6 years later, are still as much in love as we were that first time we said it to each other and every single day, he gives me a reason to fall in love with him all over again.

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend

He was born and raised in Alberta with his sister and his mom, both of whom I absolutely love! I whine at him all the time that he doesn’t take me to see his family enough. As a kid, he loved being in school plays and writing. As a teenager, he was all into wrestling (backyard wrestling and then he attended pro wrestling school until he wrecked his knee in a car accident) and becoming as bulky as he could. This is right around the time we met, and I hated his muscles!

Fast forward a few years and he was now a much skinnier manager at a department store in town, working graveyards during the night and playing Warcraft during the day. This is right around when we start dating. Now, in the present, the job is the same except it’s now in the day and the games have changed, but he’s always on them!

Carter Drayke

Carter Drayke

Carter, my youngest baby and The Boyfriend’s first, was born later at night in October. He was my healthiest pregnancy yet and both The Boyfriend and I were incredibly excited. I had Carter rather hurriedly standing in the hospital bathroom. I walked out, holding him in my arms, and The Boyfriend and I got to take many wonderful pictures.

Carter has always been the biggest one of our kids and at 4, he is very tall and built like a brick wall. He’s a tough, energetic, rambunctious kid. He’s full of energy and absolutely loves to play video games. His favorite TV show in the world is Spongebob Squarepants and he has this quirky habit of taking on the name of his favorite character from whatever movie or game is currently his favorite. For example, after he watched The LEGO Movie, he insisted his name was Emmet, or after Daddy started playing GTA 5, he decided he should be called Franklin.

When it comes to toys, he can always be found fighting over the cars with everyone and has recently really gotten into lego. You can also catch him every once and awhile flipping through the pages of books, especially if there’s a spider on the page!

Who knows when I’ll officially get to the point of absolutely desiring the other kids home, but for now, I’ll relish in the quality time I’m spending with my two boys 😉


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