The Older Three – Kaeidyn

I’ve said it a few times on The Rantings now, “The Older Three“. Whenever I say this, I’m referring to the older three kids – or as I often think of them, my first set of kids.

First, I say that because the gap between when each of the first three kids were born and when the fourth was born, seemed much much shorter. Also, because the three older ones have the same Dad and the fourth has a different one.

It’s only appropriate that I finally introduce you to The Older Three. Today, we’ll start with Kaeidyn…

Kaeidyn Ember

Kaeidyn Ember

Kaeidyn was born just after midnight in September by emergency c-section. Pregnancy with her was an absolute terror after I began having issues with my gallbladder. This resulted in a lot of false pre-term labor scares from the fifth month onward.

On my 6th ultrasound (4 more than the average woman has during pregnancy), they were concerned that Kaeidyn wasn’t moving enough. I was rushed up to an obstetrician who scheduled an induction for the next morning – only a few hours away. We thought we still had over a month left…

The next day, they gave me a new type of medicine and I reacted badly to it, very badly. First, I had what they dubbed a “hyper-contraction”. I dubbed it “Hell!”. After dealing with the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, all over my body, for at least (it had to be…) 5 hours, I begged for something to take the edge off – even though I had gone into planning on au natural.

By this point, the doctors were quite concerned about how long I had been in pain and suggested a walking epidural. When it only helped half of my body, they rolled me to my side to “help the medicine get to the other side” and as they put a wedge behind my back, my blood pressure plummeted and Kaeidyn’s heart rate flattened on the fetal monitor.

The next few moments passed by in a whir of confusion. An internal fetal monitor was positioned (and let me tell you, that feels really weird!), a huge slew of people came rushing into the room, more drugs were pumped into the needle in my back, Alfie was white as a ghost and then the bed was moving. I was being rushed down for an emergency c-section.

The surgery itself lasted less than 20 minutes. Kaeidyn was whisked off to the NICU the moment she was pulled out, I was rushed off to recovery where I proceeded to go into shock (never been so cold in my entire life) and where everyone else was, I couldn’t tell you because I was too drugged up to notice if anyone was even there.

There was a series of things that happened that resulted in me suffering from severe post-partum depression when she was first born. I got an infection in my botched c-section incision, which infected my breastmilk, so I wasn’t able to breastfeed like I had planned. I also couldn’t support her in my arms, so the only time I got to hold her in the beginning was if I was laying down. I had already been institutionalized once by this point, so everyone was on high alert for my mental instability – which just happened to get my doctor calling child services on me before I had even popped the kid out! Needless to say, what was supposed to be this beautiful experience was quickly deteriorating into stress and disappointment.

We got through it though. After about 6 months, I was good to go, Kaeidyn was crazy healthy and all was good. Soon after, she began to walk and then the talking began. The second that kid learnt her first word, she never stopped talking.

She’s a strong, caring, compassionate and very gorgeous 9 (almost 10) year-old now. She’s got an attitude that makes me dread teenagehood and she wears the pre-teen badge with pride. She is a huge social butterfly and attracts friends, especially of the boy gender, like bees to honey.

She is too smart for her own good sometimes and can be the most curious kid you’ve ever met somedays. She loves to write and is always coming up with new stories, often creating elaborate scenes with outlandish story lines. She is also a bit of a diva, changing her clothes at least three times a day, always wearing high heels when she’s going to be seen in public and walking with a sway in her hips that she just shouldn’t know how to do…

Her favorite toy, if you could say that she had one, would be her doll – although really, Kaeidyn’s never been one much for toys. She’s happier if you put on music and give her a colored pen and some paper. That, or send her outside to be with her friends…

She is a great big sister and often forgets that she’s not the mom, although sometimes, I forget too. She takes charge on a lot of different levels, often instigating room cleanings, scheduling daily chores and keeping her brothers in line. We get in arguments all the time, because she doesn’t need to be the mom, but she insists and persists.

Next, we’ll do Kenzie…

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