The Older Three – Keirnan

It’s been awhile since I last wrote and I had promised that I would do the final one of these posts. I’ve introduced you to the other two of “The Older Three”, Kaeidyn and Kenzie and now it’s time that I introduce you to final one of that group, Keirnan or as we affectionately call him, Monkey.

Keirnan Cahlen

Keirnan Cahlen

Keirnan was a weird experience in terms of pregnancy. First, we didn’t tell anybody I was pregnant with him until much later on in my pregnancy – so it didn’t feel like a real pregnancy until we were almost near the end of it. We were also moving around a lot and there was a lot of stress in our lives at the time.

With both Kaeidyn and Kenzie, I had had my water broken for me. With Keirnan, seven weeks premature, my water broke naturally as I rolled over in my bed at the hotel we were staying at. I called my sister bright and early in the morning, “Pikachu, what’s it like when your water breaks?”, not truly believing that that was what was happening to me.

We got me up to the hospital and the whole thing passed by in a whir of almost absolute calm. After a few hours of mild contractions and no real progression, Keirnan’s heartrate dropped dangerously low and they gave me drugs to speed up the process. Within minutes I was ready to begin pushing and three pushed later, he was out and just barely crying.

Because he was premature and we weren’t expecting it, they quickly whisked him off to get him on all the necessary equipment, like heating lamps and a tube was put up his nose for feeding. He stayed in the hospital the longest out of all the kids and for about the first two weeks, we weren’t allowed to hold him for longer than 15 minutes.

He was pretty jaundiced in the beginning and was constantly under lights because of it. He had the cutest little fabric glasses. His skin was translucent and yellow and they were concerned that he might have a heart murmor, which resulted in a couple trips to the children’s hospital – although it was concluded that it was an innocent murmor. I pumped breastmilk for as long as I could with him, but not getting to hold him for long lengths of time in the beginning and an inability to pump effectively resulted in him switching to formula.

Keirnan’s always had a speech impetement that makes it difficult for him to talk to other people, so he’s always been a pretty quiet child – which means that he gets away with a lot of stuff, and he knows it. He is best known for being the sneakiest of all the kids.

Keirnan’s also the only kid with no hard and fast interests. He kind of floats between what everyone else is interested in and often forgets about what it is that he does actually like, until it’s staring him in the face. He enjoys watching Power Rangers and gets quite upset because no one else likes it.

When it comes to toys, he’ll play with anything, but he especially loves small things that he can organize. When it comes to cars, they’re all lined up in neat little rows or with legos, he likes to put all the same colors together and make patterns.

Well, that’s basically all I can think of for Keirnan. So now, you’ve been introduced to all the members of my family – or at least the family that I live with and will be most likely to rant on about. Now maybe we can get into the real bulk of the posts 😉

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