Always with the Planning…

I always forget how much being a few kids short totally relaxes and rejuvinates. You don’t realize how burnt out parenting is making you until you get a break, and then the whole world just feels a ton lighter.

Dealing with one kid instead of four of them is so crazy easy. Especially with Carter at the age that he’s at, where he’s easy to get interested in something. I have spent pretty much the whole day today in complete silence (outside of asks for drinks) and almost completely by myself, because he’s been having fun playing upstairs.

That being said, I do miss the older ones. Boy was it ever a good thing they left when they did, because that night we got a ridiculous amount of snow and the roads have been horrible. They’ll be coming home Sunday night, assuming that the roads aren’t absolutely terrible, so that will be nice.

Sometime this weekend, I’ve gotta go do some grocery shopping. I was supposed to go last weekend but kept procrastinating all week and now it needs to get done! When it’s cold outside, I’d rather just stay in my house. Unfortunately, that’s not really practical. So, I’m hoping tomorrow, I will get up the motivation to go out and get my grocery shopping done. I always hate doing it without The Boyfriend, but I gotta suck it up.

Then on Sunday, big house cleaning. I want to get so much done that it’s a little bit ridiculous and I’m sure that I’m not going to get it all done, but I’m hoping. I really want to clean my bookshelf again, because Carter absolutely destroyed it looking for a specific book. Now all my organized work is unorganized…

Plus, I’m only a few chapters away from the end of Promiscuities by Naomi Wolf, so I’m hoping this weekend will be the weekend that I finish it. Such a good read and I love how after every session of reading, I feel like I’ve learnt a little bit more about myself – even though the story is more of a autobiography of life as a girl in San Francisco during the ’70s (and I am only one of those things…), I’m finding a lot of it to be good conversation fodder. Just a few more chapters 😉

Well, now that I’ve unleashed my to do list on you, what are your plans for this upcoming weekend?

4 thoughts on “Always with the Planning…

    • How many girls do you have? It’s always toughest being “stuck”, because you feel so bad for feeling that way, but it’s the truth. Sometimes it just feels like being stuck. And of course, our kids can’t understand that until they themselves have kids.

      Just remember though to always look at the bright side of that, because for all the greatness of the break from them, there are some pitfalls. I will be spending the next week, at least, with a bunch of a kids whose attitudes are so out of whack that I will spend most of it crying. I will have to deal in an increase of threats that they’re “going to live with Dad!”, and since they will probably come home spoiled, it will be a lot of questioning myself and my parenting and my life.

      I never have been able to figure out if the break is worth it 😉

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        • Wow, 4 girls… That must be super intense. I bet you hear more about clothes than you ever wanted to hear 😉

          I’m sorry to hear that about their father. My Dad was much the same way, it was during the summer every year that we’d get to see him. He lived a province away, so it was always pretty hard to afford travel and figure out the logistics with his new family. Honestly, as a kid, it didn’t really bother me. At least he was consistent…

          It’s crazy, because as a Mom, I just couldn’t imagine doing it at all. It would be so weird…

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