Early Day – Not Sure How I Feel…

The Boyfriend and I had vowed last night to go to bed early and wake up early. We’ve actually vowed this almost every single night for at least a week, although we’ve failed miserably everyday so far. We almost failed last night too, when we claimed we would watch some TV at 10 PM and be in bed by midnight. 10 PM rolled around and we were both heavily into our separate activities and so time continued to tick on. By 2 AM, we were finally heading up to bed.

Sleeping did not come easy. It was too hot and then it was too cold. The kids have all been going in and out of being sick these last few days and I’m almost sure I’ve caught some part of one of their colds. I felt stuffed up and like I needed to cough but couldn’t. To make it all worse, The Boyfriend was being an epic bed hog, even after I asked him to move over three times. Sleep came very easily for him…

Once I did fall asleep, it was a very sound sleep. Until sometime before my alarm went off this morning, when I was awoken to the shrill sounds of my daughter’s voice as she screamed at the boys to get ready. I don’t know why she does this. On a day when they wake up with my alarm, they have an hour to get ready for school in the morning. Today, they had to have at least an hour and a half. No matter, she gets up right away and immediately starts screaming at everyone to get ready. Most mornings, I come down and tell her she needs to relax, because boys don’t take that long to get ready.

So, as I kick my feet and moan at the frustration of being woken up like this for yet another day, The Boyfriend says “Roll and let me snuggle you for half an hour”. He had to work this morning, we vowed to be up early. Half an hour more wasn’t going to ruin that. I rolled and began to get all comfy as he pressed his warm skin against my back and wrapped his arm around my body. And as my eyes began to close, I had a mini freak out about how this half an hour sleep was going to completely ruin my vow to be up early. Then, she screamed again.

In a huff, I rolled and kicked my feet once more. I sat up and insisted that we ditch the idea of sleeping in any later. It took forever for us to actually leave our bed, but we were up before 8 AM today and made it downstairs shortly after 8:30. So vow, completed. It was not easy, it was not pretty and I’m still not sure that I’m completely awake, but it’s done.

I want to be the type of person who finds this waking up thing to be a little easier. I want to wake up in the morning, not the afternoon. I want to go to bed at a decent enough hour that I’m still getting at least the required amount of sleep. I want to go to bed feeling tired and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. Instead, I just feel wiped out all the time and sleep half the day away…

I always think back to my pre-14-year-old morning routine. I used to easily wake up at 4 AM every single day of the week. I’d do an hour long workout with Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam (because it was the only video I owned and basically, I just needed background sound) and then it would be an hour in a nice hot bath. Then, the rest of the morning would be dedicated to catching up on any homework I had to do for school that day. I loved that morning routine so much and I want it back bad. Not necessarily the 4 AM and not necessarily Teen Steam, but you know what I mean!!

I just need to get on it and create a routine, because this is driving me nuts…

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