In case you were wondering how I feel about this..

4 thoughts on “Word!

    • See now, I didn’t even consider that part.

      And I don’t know if I believe that we can knock anyone who tries it – especially when you’re first new to sex and really want to experiment sans condom.

      It’s not just stupid guys trying it but not so smart girls too. To assume that only one gender cares about bareback is absurd. I’ve asked for the condom to come off before, so I can’t say anything negative about that part.

      The part that gets to me is the response. Why are we teaching girls today that the only way to get what they need is to manipulate a man? As if men can’t handle truth and honesty and the straight up basic facts.

      I hate the messages implied to the genders here. I hate the lack of responsibility and I despise the perpetuation of this kind of nonsense.


      • I agree the message is terrible. It’s such a “fuckboy” thing to do to try and weasel out of a condom for a guy and then later turn around and bitch about lazy single mothers, it just makes me want to deathpunch them in their souls. I’m so used to seeing that I hadn’t even considered anything similar from the other side. Thanks for making me think.

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